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I don't like this use of the theme. After all, many games can be operated using only the mouse. And the ever expanding level effect would have worked if the theme of the level didn't change, and your third "argument" isn't even worth mentioning.

Apart from that, I do think this game is really cool! I've tried to create an area fill function myself and it worked awfully. Your approach seems much simpler and works and feels perfect!

I like the enemies diffrent behaviours. It kind of gives them personality which is great for a jam game.

The sound and music is awesome.

I like the name. If it was a rating category, I would give it 5/5

Some game design things I suggest:

  • Touching enemies should kill or damage you.

Fair enough. Glad you enjoyed it though! If we go further there will definitely be an actual challenge. The centipede was supposed to be the first of several creatures that could hurt you, but timing got the better of me so instead I focused on polishing what we had and making sure we had the transitions and main controls working well.

Getting the blob effect was very tricky. Took like 5 iterations before I settled on what we have now. It still needs some work, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I need to be able to see my painting >:(  ,,, and, wheres my happy little trees


Very creative concept, kind of reminds me of Katamari.

This is very, *very* amusing. If only there were enough creatures to squash paint with...

Looking forward to the finished thing!