Listen to the happy clown, he will help you out of this nighmare...

But be careful, he is not always as he seems...

The flame will help you if you use it right...

Make sure to pay attention...


  • Jump - Up/W
  • Crouch - Down/S
  • Burn - Right/D
  • Pause - Escape/P

This game was made in 1 week for the Community Game Jam with the theme "The game is a liar"

Programming - Mystical_Pidgeon & Zu

Art - FriedClam

Music - Marcsine

Voices - Zu

2.1 Changelog - Fixed a couple of minor bugs with colliders and collision detection (fire collider too big, enemies did damage when on fire sometimes)


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A fun, spooky game. The clown will give me nightmares. I love the way it reminds me of a haunted carnival. 🎪👻




Here's my feedback on the game:

  • The art is great, well done. The retro filter is also a nice touch.
  • The ground enemies are difficult to jump over; their colliders are too big.
  • It's quite difficult to light the enemies on fire and it only seems to be possible with the ground enemies.
  • Whether or not you lighting enemies on fire has no benefits or consequences.
  • The hand adding enemies behind you feels unfair.
  • I couldn't even make it to the first flag.

Sorry it wasn't more easily understandable.

Once you understand the lie mechanic it does become fair. If you pay attention to the background you can tell when the clown is lying to you about what to do. You can only burn the creatures when he is lying. It is definitely possible to light both the dogs and bats on fire if you are following the lies. Lighting them on fire prevents the hand from sending them back.

I can't help but laugh at the game over music. It's so comical seeing a game like this have Despacito as the theme that plays when you die.

Game composer here. That was the point. It was kind of an easter egg, and I regret that my existence prior had led to that point. If I could go back in time and kill myself before Despacito was ever released, I would without hesitation.

The game was different, I had a good time. Made you a video: