In The Litcher you play as a necromancer who can summon their defeated enemies to create a miniature army.

There are currently 4 enemy types:

  • Skeletons - Weak and run straight at you
  • Knights - Stronger than skeletons
  • Mages - Keep themselves at a distance and hurl fireballs at you
  • Big Skeleton - Summons his own minions, and has a dangerous jumping attack. You need to knock him over with explosions before you can do any real damage.

Controls - (Can all be changed in the Options menu)

  • Move - WASD
  • Dash - Left Shift
  • Corpse Explosion - E
  • Resurrection - Space
  • Summon Skeletons - Hold Space when you have 0 minions
  • Attack - Left Click
  • Circle Formation - Hold Right Click
  • Switch Active Minions - Tab
  • Launch Minion - While in Circle formation, hold  Left Click (or R) near a minion and drag, then release


There are 4 types of enemies: weak skeletons, stronger warriors, ranged mages, and a big boss who summons his own minions.

Your minions will attack in the direction of the mouse. Only corpses within the summon circle located at your mouse will be summoned or explode when those abilities are activated.

Launching minions temporarily slows down time to allow for better aiming.

You can only get hit a couple of times before it is game over, so make sure to run or use your minions as a shield.

If you dash too much at one time you will need to wait a bit longer before you can dash again.

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