Sir, You Can't Return That is an in-progress game about causing chaos by slicing and dicing in any direction you choose. Use your mouse, or a gamepad analog stick, to swing your sword in any direction. Slice and smash objects, and grapple away when the going gets tough. You can also run along walls, slide, and slow down time for added slicing precision.


Draw Sword - Left click / C

Block - Right click / X

Swing Sword - Mouse / Arrows

Move - WASD

Run - Shift

Slide - Left Ctrl while running

Jump - Space

Wall Run - Jump at a wall while moving alongside it

Throw Shuriken - F

Lock on - Z

Grappling hook - E

Slow Motion - T

Cycle Weapons - 1 / 2


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This is such a great game idea if you are still working on this which i hope you are cause this is amazing if youre able to make this into a full game this would be so popular 

this game is pretty good.i think you can improve the game if you put bots in the game that can block your attack or multiplayer.(sorry for my bad english)

It's pretty fun. The grappling hook could use some better physics, and the game could use some more content. (perhaps enemies) But overall, it's a nice little experience. Thanks.

Thanks! I agree that the grappling could feel better (particularly on the telephone poles). My original idea was to have you avoiding enemies more than directly fighting them, and destroying objects to slow them down. Those are first on the list when I get back to this.

literally one of my most favourite experiences of the year.

a giddy and nervous persona came over me once i had realised just how "free form" this game is, i felt like a child once again. i absolutely adore this game.

you've done a great job capturing some complex mechanics in an intuitive way, i hope you keep it up!

Thank you so much for the kind words :D