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Dragon's Fire is a game with a focus on fun physics based flight mechanics and visceral interactions. The game is still in development and I appreciate any feedback you can give.

The main mechanics that exist right now:

  • Use your powerful wings to soar in the sky with somewhat realistic physics
  • You have a flame breath attack that can set the world, objects, and creatures on fire
  • Pick up objects with your jaws to eat them or bring then back to your lair

Keyboard and Xbox 360 gamepad supported

Default controls (Keyboard / Xbox Pad)


  • Flap wings - Space / A
  • Breath fire - Q / Right Trigger
  • Aim camera/fire - Arrows / Right stick
  • Pick up items - E / Y
  • Center camera - C / Right Stick Click


  • Pitch - W S / Left stick y
  • Roll - A D / Left stick x
  • Boost - X / X
  • Brake/Hover - V / B


  • Move - WASD / Left stick
  • Air gusts - X / Left bumper


  • You will move upward if you are grounded or moving slowly
  • You will move forward if you are moving fast


  • After running for a while, you will pick up speed
  • You can aim your flame breath in the air, and on the ground
  • Hold down the boost button to keep your wings in and go further
  • You can only boost so many times before you need to recharge your stamina (feather icons)
  • Continuous fire breathing will eventually decrease the size/distance of the flame. Wait some time for it to cool down (flame icon)
  • Hovering makes it easier to aim your breath in the air


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dragons_fire_1.32.zip 54 MB
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dragons_fire_1.34.zip 53 MB
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